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Information about breakup spells below…

What is a break up spell?

A spell (ritual, magic) to end a relationship and cause both parties to not be a couple any longer with each other.

Why cast a break up spell?

There are many reasons to cast a breakup spell.

1. Someone stole your lover, and you want to end that relationship and bring back the person loved.

2. Someone is attempting to seduce your lover, and you want to stop them from taking your beloved away from you.

3. You wish to steal someone elses lover.

4. You know that the couple is headed for disaster and wish to terminate the relationship. (Example: a mother KNOWS in her heart that her daughter/sons’ relationship with that person is no good, so casts a breakup spell).

5. Revenge! You wish to punish/harm one or both parties and you cast a breakup spell to destroy the relationship.

Of course these are just generic examples of reasons to cast a break-up spell. Sometimes, it can be a combination of the above.

And just to point out, not all breakup spells are for romantic reasons. Sometimes you wish to break up a friendship, a work situation, or any other type of relationship that is no good for you or for the parties involved.

How easy are break up spells?

Depending on the situation, it can be relatively easy (just light a candle with the full intent of a break-up) to “involved” (ask helpful spirits that you work with to do the work; do conjure magic (a/k/a “Hoodoo” or “Voodoo” or other type of working).

How fast do break up spells work? (Or, how soon will I see results)?

Again, it really depends on the spell used, on the complexity of the situation between the couple – and the skill of the spell caster.

In my personal practice, break ups can take up to 3 days for results, and up to 21 days for PERMANENT results.

Are results of a breakup spell permanent?

Yes, they can be if that is what you truly desire. I have had clients only desire a “temporary” breakup or ending of a relationship too. It all depends on what your ultimate goals are.

Can I breakup a couple and then have one of the persons in the couple come be with me?

Yes. In fact this is my most often requested type of breakup spellwork.

Do you have to call on Satan/Devil for breakup spells and will it harm me or the person(s) I love?

If you are a satanist then I guess you would — but I AM NOT A SATANIST, nor do I work/call or ask anything of that entity.

I am a conjure woman, that means I work with the power of nature, God-given powers of plants, roots, herbs, the earth, the river, the ocean, phase of the moon, etc., to cast my spells.

There is NO HARM to you, me or the people involved. There doesn’t ever need to be, unless of course you REQUEST one of the parties to be harmed.

I have gotten these types of request from angry and justified husbands and wives who want the person who seduced there spouse to “suffer”. Again, usually this is temporary suffering such as “humiliation by the cheating spouse so that the person who seduced them can be put to shame, etc.”

Can I cast my own break up spell even though I don’t have any special skills?

Yes and no. If you do not have any knowledge of spells (how they work, how to properly cast them, etc.) then you might do more harm than good, or it simply will not work.

If you wish to learn how to cast breakup spells in particular, get some knowledge first. There are many, many methods that produce varying results depending on what your goals are.

You do not have to formally belong to any one religion to cast effect spells. Magic is magic no matter whether you are Wiccan, Santeria or Vodou priest or any other religious system.

I myself practice earth-based magic, conjure work, and do not belong to any religion.

My spells are very effective, and I see the results I cast the spell for, with rare exceptions – 98% of the time, within 3 to 21 days. But then again, I’ve been training magically under powerful conjurer’s and witches all of my life, and professionally, for over 26 years.

While there are some good books on spell work out there,  the truth is, there is nothing like a mentor.

If you are interested in learning hands-on, how to cast spells, check out the upcoming seminars and courses at “Learn Spell Casting“.

And yes, some people are “gifted” for break up spells (I belong to this group) – but with proper training and practice, you can also become an effective spell caster too!

Will you cast a break up spell for me?

I often get asked if I can cast a break up spell for someone because they do not know how to do it themselves, or they have heard that my spells work. The answer is yes!

It does not matter what country you are in, what time-zone you live in- if you have need of an authentic break up spell that will work, I can assist you.

How I Work:

1. Before I begin, I like to do a tarot reading. The tarot reading shows me what obstacles are in the way, and how to get around them so that the spell works, and works quickly.

The breakup spell tarot reading (this reading is different than my regular tarot readings, which you get to ask questions) is completely FREE, and done by email within 48 hours of receiving your information. All of your information is kept 100% confidential and private – never shared, sold nor published for any reason at all!

2. In the tarot reading, I will let you know what obstacles I see, the length of time to see results of the break up spells, and if required, I may ask you some additional questions.

3. Afterwards, if you desire to proceed with the reading, I will let you know what additional things I may need (example, full names, photos, or any other item).

4. You send payment for the actual break up spell casting once you agree to proceed, and generally speaking, your spell is cast within 48 hours, or same-day if an emergency.

Results generally manifest the same month. The longest it has taken for results to arrive was 90 days and that case was unique because the client kept making changes to the desired results!

How much will it cost me to cast the break up spell?

It depends, generally speaking the cost ranges from $147 to $287, and depends on complexity.

The reason is that there are extra spell steps because the marriage is legal, there are court proceedings and court spells so that everything happens as quickly as possible.

Breaking up unmarried couples (even if they live together),  depends if the couple has children, again extra spell measures must be taken so that the results are PERMANENT.)

The number one thing you must do is be honest. No need to lie to me, no judgments – and telling the truth aids the spell work faster for you!

By the way, you can also cast a real breakup spell yourself, with or without my help. Soon we will offer a break up spell kit you can purchase with step-by-step instructions. It is not the exact same spell I cast, but a simplified version instead.

What if I want one of the people in the couple to fall in love with me, come to me and stay with me – will you also cast a spell for this, and does it cost extra?

No additional cost and yes, it can be combined and often requested.

Ok, I want discuss casting a break up spell with you, what do I do next?

Easy, fill it out the form below and please:

  1. Be honest and fill out as much as possible!
  2. Only fill this out if you are 21 years or older! (NO EXCEPTIONS).

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If you want to cast a break up spell, we might be able to help. Just be over 21 years of age and tell us honestly your situation. We will contact you within 48 hours by email.

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