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Important: Break up spells are not dangerous – when cast properly. Let an expert separate ANY couple or relationship for you today!

Want to cast a break up spell for your own relationship to end, or that of another? You’ve come to the right place!

Use the form below to discuss with me your spell needs. The information is kept 100% confidential, and I will only contact you regarding the spell, if I could help you or not, and tell you pricing, time-frame to see results and answer any questions you may have.

All I ask is that you be over 21 years of age (this is a must, I don’t cast spells on minors) and tell the truth. The spell will not work if you lie to me!

Notice: The following form is only to discuss with us if a break up spell will work, or not for you.

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Background information:

Break Up Spells and Love Spells

… casting spells that get the results you desire!

Whether this is the first time you are thinking about casting a spell on someone, or if you’ve already tried spells around but have not had any luck – Break-Up-Spells.com specializes in getting RESULTS!

Many clients email me and tell me that they’ve tried before without any success, yet weeks later write me again to thank me for my spell casting.

Why do my break up spells and love spells work? Because I work hard to get the results you are seeking!

But, I need you to do your part as well:

That is all that is needed to get results from my spell casting service.

Here is a simple breakdown of my spell casting for you:

*** All spells are cast on my altar within 24 hours of purchase and receipt of your details.

*** All spells are GUARANTEED to work, or you get a FULL refund.

*** All spells will work the way you want them to (as long as  you are honest with me).

Here are the “typical” spells I cast (but all spells are custom-tailored to fit your goals/needs):

Breakup Spells

1. To end your own relationship, marriage without any drama, problems or fights.

2. To end the relationship (romantic relationship, friendships, even marriage) of someone you care about who you know is getting hurt or is a victim in the relationship.

3. To end the relationship between your lover or spouse, and someone else trying to “steal” them away from you. Bringing you closer to the one you love without any more interference from a rival.

4. To end the relationship between your lover, spouse or someone you deeply care about who is a bad influence on them (can be other relatives, or bad friends/co-workers/school mates).

5. To breakup the relationship between the person you love, and someone else – so that the one you want, comes to be with you and STAYS with you.

Love Spells

1. To make you seem more beautiful, more handsome more attractive to others to give you more chances at finding the right lover or spouse.

2. To cause someone to fall deeper in love with you romantically and sexually.

3. To cause an ex-lover to miss you, obsess over you, and come back to you completely in love with you.

4. To cause a lover to be faithful, only desiring you and not cheating or wanting anyone else.

5. To cause someone to fall so deeply in love with you that they marry you, remain faithful and spend the rest of their lives lovingly worshiping you.

I often combine the above spells for clients, and add more things to the spells depending on what their true goals are. All that is required is your honestly.

As I’ve mentioned, there is a cost for the spells and it varies depending on what you’re desires and needs are – but I always tell you up front during the spell consultation.

The spell consultation is a mini-tarot reading to see if I can assist you. I can’t help everyone, and it is why I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your FULL money is refunded back. No questions, no hassles guarantee offer.

My success rate is currently at 98.5%, where those who come to me see the results they want and do not ask for a refund.

But again, I am not the goddess, so results may vary. (But remember, there is no risk to you since you have 90 days to evaluate my services, see if you see results that “stick” and stay within that time – or your full money back!).