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Break Up Spells offering spells to separate, end and DESTROY all bonds that unite people together!

Why cast a breakup spell?

Because sometimes two or more people together is just no good, but the people don’t realize it, or are stubbornly holding on to something that isn’t healthy.

Who casts break up spells?

• Mothers’ who are trying to save their children from dangerous relations.
• People who want “out” of their own relationship, without harming the other person or drama-free.
• Friends who care about their friend and see eminent danger in that relationship.

See, not all break up spells have “evil” intentions!

However, we are not “judging” anyone who wishes to cast these types of spells:

Break up spells to STEAL someone’s lover…

These spells have the intention of rupturing someone’s relationship, so you can be with one of the couple.

Again, this may not be an “evil” spell. Maybe the person you USED to be with was “stolen” from you, and now you want to “steal” them back!

Divorce Spells to END someone’s marriage…

If a couple is legally married, simply casting a divorce spell will NOT mean they will file for divorce.

So, a divorce spell not only breaks them up, it will finalize the relationship and they WILL get legally divorced too.

Revenge Separation & Break Up Spell

This type of spell is when you are PISSED OFF, and wish the couple (whether married, living together or just dating/talking) to END – right away.

Maybe you’re still hurt your ex ran away with your “ex” best-friend! You don’t want their happiness, you want their relationship DEAD!

Love Spells AND Breakup Spells “Combo”

If you want to cast a spell to get someone back, but they are with someone else, you will need a combination love spell / break up spell.

The reason is, if you just cast a break up spell: they will break up, but that person you desire may NOT always come to be with you.

Alternatively, if you just cast a love spell “hoping” they will choose to be with you – you might be in for a heartbreaking surprise they will be in love with you and CHEAT with their current partner!

So, the best bet in these situations is casting BOTH a love spell and break up spell at once.

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