New Year is Approaching

2013 is almost finished! Wow! How time seems to fly by right?

It is a world-wide custom to reflect about your life during the end of an old year, and see what you want your new year to be like.

But in my 47 years on planet earth, I realize that each day, each year is really in your hands. Sure, there is some “stuff” that happens that is out of your control, but maybe that’s’ like 10% of things. Which means that 90% of your life – YOU control!

So if your not happy with how your life is going, if you want MORE for 2014, decide to take control of your life today!

Sit down with pen and paper and write down the things you HATE about your life. I know it may be a bit depressing, but this exercise is important. If you don’t hate anything, then write down the things that bother you or you dislike about your life.

Then, cross off those things you think you cannot change. Below is a sample list of things typically on peoples’ list:

Too fat or too skinny
Not enough money
Lonely (not enough friends)
Not married, not in a relationship
Hate my apartment (or neighborhood, etc.)
Hate my job, boss, company, etc.
Boyfriend /husband left me / doesn’t love me (or girlfriend/wife)
I’m not attractive enough.

Here’s the same list, but remember “cross off” anything you feel you cannot change. Here’s what that might look like:

Too fat or too skinny
Not enough money
Lonely (not enough friends)
Not married, not in a relationship
Hate my apartment (or neighborhood, etc.)
Hate my job, boss, company, etc.
Boyfriend /husband left me / doesn’t love me (or girlfriend / wife)
I’m not attractive enough.

Now, lets go over each one, and see how we can change it in 2014!

1. Too fat or too skinny = come on, you can change this one! Change your diet (eat less carbs, MOVE a bit more, whether dancing to music in your apartment, jogging in place, taking long walks, etc.)

2. Not enough money = sell something (Ebay, garage sell, own website), get another job, offer to help someone for a few dollars, get a part-time job. Don’t have any time, or “thing” to sell? Educate yourself. Make the time, take a sick day, check with your company to see if there are learning opportunities for free. Do some research online to see what you like then find someone (organization, grant) that pays for your education!

Did you know that your local department of unemployment offers FREE training money that you can use at your local schools and colleges? You have to look around and even if you don’t live in the United States, I’m sure that if you check there are local opportunities.

3. Lonely (not enough friends) = volunteer at your local non-profit organization! Do some good in the world with like-minded people, and you will build friendships that can last a lifetime. Are you a fan of a particular actor, tv show, etc? Do they have conventions each year? Then there is a company that gets “volunteer fans” like you to setup tables, help other fans at the convention site find their way around, collect tickets, etc. You could even “meet” your favorite celeb for free, all while having fun and meeting new like-minded friends.

Are you in a new city or area? Don’t worry. Find your local paper or community event and see what happens on a regular basis in the area – then GO to it. You won’t meet new people sitting at home all the time.

And don’t forget to “smile”. No, not that creepy stalker stare grimace, lol. Just relax and smile. A smile is a wonderful sign that says “hey, I’m friendly!”

4. Not married, not in a relationship = want someone new? Or do you want and old flame back? The first step is to decide what it is you that you want.

Once decided, cast a spell! I’m serious! Spells really do work, but the most important rule is to be “clear as to what you REALLY want”. Spells are like missiles. Tell them what you want and they are relentless in hitting that target. If you don’t tell that missile where to “land” – it will go all over the place.

So, you’ve decided, good! But before you cast that spell – do some “cleansing” first. In 99% of magic, a cleansing ritual is done to literally “clear the way” for what we want to happen. It removes obstacles and helps that spell “missile” find its’ objective faster than if it has to go through hurdles and blocks.

Cleansing can be as easy or complex as you want it to be. You can, for example take a regular chicken egg, and pass it over yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet and everywhere in between (in a downward motion only, don’t go back up over a spot you already cleansed) – and afterwards, take the egg and throw it forcefully into a river or ocean or any “moving water” AWAY from your home and go home a different location. If you do not have any natural moving water nearby, then you can go to the woods and bury the egg.

The egg contains all the negativity preventing you from obtaining your goals. By cleansing it over your self, it then becomes a carrier and when you throw it into moving water, or bury it in the woods AWAY from where you live – you are literally leaving all the negativity at that place, in that egg!

There are numerous “bathes” that can be prepared also to cleanse you of your condition (examples include bad luck in love, hex and curses, etc.).

Ok, so you’ve cleansed – now what? Cast that spell! If its a breakup spell, cast it. If its a love spell or combo spell, cast it. The spell “missile” is now ready to launch and seek and hit the target of your goals!

And after you cast that spell, go to your local beauty salon or barber and tell em’ “I need a makeover to attract a new mate this year”! You’ll be amazed what a nice hair cut or new style can do for ones’ image!

5. Hate my apartment or neighborhood = look, look, and keep looking! Don’t give up! Set your mind at living in or near the neighborhood you truly like. Search high and low. I remember when I was in my early 20’s, I always wanted to move near the beach but those apartments were filled with tourists and sooo expensive!

But I didn’t give up. I did a cleansing spell, lit a candle every week until I finally found a lovely studio apartment within my price range. Ok, so it was TINY and above a garage, but honey, I had the ocean as my neighbor! Do NOT give up – ever!

6. Hate my job, my boss, my company = you can either find a new place, or make the best of where you are at! Did you know that you can cast a spell on your boss to “love you”? No, not romantically (unless that is what you want!).

You can make the company that you work at LOVE you. While maybe firing others, you could be promoted! While your boss maybe an asshole to everyone, he can treat you like his favorite “pet”. Cast a spell on them! Sweeten your boss, your company towards you! Cast a spell to move within the company.

7. Boyfriend, husband (girlfriend, wife) left me, doesn’t love me = come on, this one is an easy one! CAST A SPELL ON THEM. Enough said.

8. Not attractive enough = the hardest thing about this  is your own belief. Get a makeover by experts in your neighborhood. Go to a large department store and try one different STYLES of clothes and ask passerby or sales staff which “style” looks best on you (then copy that style and buy it at a cheaper place if you can’t afford the department store costs).

I am guilty of this one. I have the same hair style since 1993! But when I want to look sexy, or pretty or whatever, I go to a beauty salon and tell them “don’t cut my hair, but CHANGE it somehow”. They work magic, and so can you.

You are perfect the way you are – but maybe the packaging needs a little work. That’s ok, just find someone that can help you look YOUR BEST. (Don’t try to look like someone else, do YOU!)

So you see, everything that was crossed off in the list is FIXABLE. What is not fixable is death. You only have one life – don’t waste it being unhappy. At the very least try something NEW – you owe it to yourself.

Happy Holidays!