Anger Spells

Have you ever been so angry that you cannot speak – you cry?

Gender doesn’t matter. I’ve seen my husband break down and cry because he was so mad he wanted to punch the eyes out of someone he cared about.

Can you cast a spell when “angry”?

The answer is YES – but be careful!

The energy you have when angry is the equivalent to a thunderstorm – and all that energy focused on someone you HATE “now” (but later might forgive) can wreck havoc in someone’s life.

Now, I’m talking about being angry at someone you love (not someone you hate).

This can be a friend or former partner who has done something to make you go – from 1 to 1000.

But later, after you cool off, you may regret what you’ve done (and cannot take it back).

So, use the ANGER on something productive, not on casting spells that later you might regret.

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