Break Up Spells That Work Immediately

Can break up spells work immediately?

This is what a “tsunami level” break up spell would look like

Witchcraft understands that everything in our world is “energy”. So, to either attract someone into your life or repel two people and cause them to separate requires a certain “level” of energy.

I compare it to 3 levels, a “tsunami” that knocks down everything in its’ path (this is the quickest results one yielding “instant” results); the “thunderstorm” level where lights may go out for hours after it rains and rains (this is a bit slower than the tsunami level), and the slower “rain storm or Heavy Rains” level which like in our real world, might cause flooding).

If you are seeking spells to separate a couple or your own relationship and you want it fast, there are 3 levels to consider in taking action:

Level #1 Tsunami Breakup:  Instantly separates a couple but Рcost a lot!

To raise the energy required to “instantly” break up a couple and keep them separated is very complicated.

Imagine if just lighting a candle would work – there would be no couples left!

A witch worth her salt knows that you will need a violent “tsunami level” energy to destroy an emotional mental bond.

The spells EXIST – but please do not think you can get this done for free. This is why immediate break up spells can cost from $500 (USD) and up!

If you do not have the money nor experience in raising a “tsunami” power level of energy – do not expect instant results.

Level #2 Thunderstorm with lightning: Separates them in Weeks.

This is the general level most spells work in. It is the equivalent of raising energy of a “thunderstorm” that will disrupt the couples lives and bonds – wrecking the relationship and causing them to either fight and break up, or “bottle it up then EXPLODE” in rage and break up.

Most spells at this level may take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks time for results and may cost $150 and up.

Level #3 Heavy rain storm: Slow but steady break up.

This spell is the one you find online (the famous Lemon Break Up Spell video, etc…), or lighting candles to separate and even divorce a couple.

Results could take months, but it does work and is for those who can’t afford a faster (Level 1) type of spell where you break up the couple instantly.

This level of energy is slow but steadily works to “corrupt” the relationship from the inside and out. Results are still permanent when done correctly, and usually the spell costs under $75.

So this is the truth about how to break up a couple instantly. It all depends on the amount of “energy” (or power) raised that will end the relationship.


You must be honest with yourself, your own knowledge and experience at raising the required energy to end a relationship, and if you are hiring someone – how much money you have.

I’m sorry to disappoint you – but there are no REAL SPELLS THAT WORK THAT ARE ALSO FREE!

Nature teaches you that for every thing you want, you must “give up” something. Rain has to fall for plants to grow. Man has to “work” and cultivate his farm to have a harvest.

Even if you are casting a spell yourself – it ain’t “free” to you because you have to “spend” your time (which is more valuable than money, you can get money back – but you cannot get “yesterday” back) – casting the spell, not to mention all of the items sometimes needed to cast the spell must be purchased.

So, be mature about it. Decide which “level” (or what speed) you can handle – the point is to get that couple¬†separated!

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Do or Die Spell

Extreme Spell Casting – Black Magic – Voodoo Spell

There is an EXTREME type of spell that basically FORCES someone to do your bidding – or ‘die trying’.

It is one of the most maleficent spells known to man.

It can be used for:

  • Love – “love me or DIE!”

  • Break up spells – “separate or DIE!”

… and other types of spells.

It is a chaos spell, where the person is forced to either do “a” or “b”. There are no other choices or optionis.

Be warned! This spell has real life consequences, the person either does what you want them to do – or will D.I.E.

There is only one person in our coven brave enough to cast this Voodoo spell – a BoKor (black magic in the Haitian Vodou religioun).

Contact Papa Bokor HERE for this spell – if you DARE!