How do spells work

Have you ever wondered “how do spells work”?

The short answer: spells work by moving in the “spirit”, the subconscious minds of people you are casting spells on, to get the desired, thoughts, words, and corresponding actions to your spells’ goals.

For example: if you are casting spells for love, then the spell will cause the “spell victim” to think (THOUGHTS) about you constantly in a positive way, affecting their emotions/thoughts about you to the point they must SPEAK to you lovingly and take ACTIONS that correspond with someone in-love.

The opposite of love would be “hate” and hate spells, break up spells, divorce spells and revenge spells still use the same principles of Thought, Word, Actions to make the person think hate, say hateful things, and do/take actions that are hateful (towards the individual targeted in the spell.).

The good news is that since the spell works in the realms of the “spirit”/subconscious/soul – it works sight-unseen.

No one will know it was YOU! (Unless yo blab it to someone, or an experienced psychic can “locate” you).

Yes psychics can (if they are good) “see” who cast the spell, and therefore it is important to do spells knowing how to “conceal/hide” the source.

If you don’t know how to do this PLEASE BE CAREFUL (or hire someone that does).

You have no idea how many “reverse spells” we’ve done because we can “see” on a psychic level who did what to our clients, and then send it “back to sender”.

(For example: if a client comes to us thinking perhaps out of nowhere there nice relationship was broken up due to magic, we can find out easily “who did it” and then return the spell BACK to the spell caster, and thus help our client reunite with the one they love!).

Magick is NOT a game folks, there are real effects and consequences!

Practice your magic safely people!

Love binding spells vs love spells

What is the difference between a love binding spell and a love spell?

To “bind” someone means to literally tie that person up.

It means to cause that person to not be able to move or escape!

A love binding spell “ties” the person you desire to you – so they cannot leave you nor cheat on you!

You can bind the persons’ mind to only think of you (obsess), heart (to love you), penis/vagina (to not cheat on you – not be able to perform with anyone else but you) – and soul (to keep them with you in this life and the next!).

But remember, DO NOT bind yourself to them (this is a classic rooky mistake!) – otherwise YOU will be the one obsessed, in love, not being able to have sex with anyone else and TIED to them in this life and the next!

A regular love spell is just that – a spell to cause someone to love you with all of the love they have and are capable of giving.

You might think they are the same type of spell but the love binding is more serious, more severe, more manipulative and controlling – the regular love spell doesn’t “force” them to love you and “keep them” tied to you.

Love binding spells are a very serious type of spell and should only be cast by those that know what they are doing.

Imagine you don’t know someone that well and you cast a love binding spell on them. What if that person is mentally unstable, a stalker or worse a killer?

Do you want THAT type of person obsessed with you?

Please only do a love binding if you:

  1. have experience (or seek someone to do it professionally for you), and
  2. do a psychic reading (divination) to see if things will turn out GOOD (or go horribly wrong)!

We are Love Spells specialist and can cast both spells for you professionally and safely.

Visit our Love Spell page for more information.