Do or Die Spell

Extreme Spell Casting – Black Magic – Voodoo Spell

There is an EXTREME type of spell that basically FORCES someone to do your bidding – or ‘die trying’.

It is one of the most maleficent spells known to man.

It can be used for:

  • Love – “love me or DIE!”

  • Break up spells – “separate or DIE!”

… and other types of spells.

It is a chaos spell, where the person is forced to either do “a” or “b”. There are no other choices or optionis.

Be warned! This spell has real life consequences, the person either does what you want them to do – or will D.I.E.

There is only one person in our coven brave enough to cast this Voodoo spell – a BoKor (black magic in the Haitian Vodou religioun).

Contact Papa Bokor HERE for this spell – if you DARE!