Is Magic Real

A recent visitor wrote us: “is magic real”? Here is my answer to this complex question.

Magic is real and offers a real-world solution to problems. It has been around since millennia because human beings have needed ways to control their lives, their environment and to some extent – others.

The reason why many people doubt if magic is real has to do with the media (tv, Hollywood) sensationalizing spells.

You do realize these shows have only 30 minutes to 2 hours to “wow” you with special effects right?

Real spells don’t work as spectacularly as they do in movies/tv shows – but they DO work!

How Magic Works:

Depending on the goal of the spell, real magic works by affecting a persons’ thoughts and soul.

It is a spiritual practice that influences the “spirit” of the person (place or thing).

So, it works from the “inside out”.

This is why you may cast a love spell for example, and not see any results immediately afterwards – even the the love spells works instantly after it has been cast!

What is going in is maybe the person you cast the love spell on is constantly thinking about you.

But if you think about it – “thoughts” do not have an audible sound to others!

You cannot hear what your lover is thinking! So, because you want “proof” that the spell works, but don’t see that persons’ thoughts, you mistakenly think (its’ not working).

Wrong! The spell is working and doing its’ “thing” (whatever you told it to do, or whatever the spell caster commanded it to do) – INSIDE the person.

If you and that person in our example have had a fight, then maybe the person is FIGHTING those loving thoughts raising up due to the spell!

Magic is real – just give it a chance to “do its’ thing” – and you will be pleasantly surprised over and over again!

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