Destroy Relationships Spells

Sometimes you have to DESTROY a relationship completely.

It could be your own relationship (you try to leave, but your partner doesn’t take “no” for an answer) – or it is someone else’s relationship that needs that final PUSH to be completely “over”.

We specialize in total destruction of relationships spells. Please fill out the form in our front page at Break Up Spells to tell us what it is you need done.

Simple love spells that work

The simplest of all simple love spells that work is simply concentrating on what you want to happen. Everything else is a “prop” to aid you in focusing your energy.

For example: say you want your boyfriend to text you. You simply relax yourself, focus on your energy (calmly, don’t “fight it”), and direct it to him to text you.

When a witch calls on the help of deity, angels, spirits, nymphs, fairies, nature etc… we are asking them to focus their energy – along with ours.

So, you would not use items you would use in a break up spell (such as “feces”) – in a love spell right?

The energy is 100% incompatible!

So, if you want to use items such as candles to help focus your energy into causing the action or desired response, make sure to use colors that “match” the energy of the spell.

Red is for passionate love, sexual desire. Pink is a softer type of love, more romantic, affectionate.

Green is also used if combining with money magic or petitioning a Goddess like Venus who’s color is green.

Blue is then corresponding to “faithfulness” so if you were to combine red rose petals (universal symbol of love, red for passion) with a blue candle, then you are asking for a passionate love that is faithful to you.

See simple spells for love that work are easy – so cast the spell yourself, or fill out our form and ask for our help by going to our main page: Break Up Spells