Return Lover Spell

Reuniting With Your Ex Through A Spell

Many clients ask if they can cast a spell alongside the break up spell that will reunite them with their ex-loves, like a love spell.

The answer is always “YES” however, getting back together with an ex-lover is more complicated than finding a new love – here’s why.

1) An ex is someone you have history with. The thrill of “newness” of the is already gone (even if you two were together only briefly). Everyone enjoys the fun and discovery period of meeting someone new and dating. Since your ex may know you, then like the old song goes, “the thrill is gone”.

2) You “may” have extra emotional baggage. What I mean by this is that for some reason you two already tried a romantic relationship and it didn’t work out – there may be hidden bad “feelings” towards one another.

3) It is easier to start “fresh” than try to fix things. Human nature is lazy. We’d rather start over with someone new that doesn’t already know our faults, then having to say “sorry” to someone that knows us.

However, getting back together is not impossible through the use of a spell, the love portion of the spell will need to include:

Renewed Desire To Try Again
Renewed Interest In You (on a sexual and romantic level)
Hope (that things will turn out better this time)
So you see, a love spell cast to bring back an ex-lover and give your relationship a second (or third, fourth…) chance is different than a love spell to flirt and date many, or find your true soul mate.

But just so you know, reconciliation spells (that reunite you with an ex) is probably the most requested type of love spell there is.

There is hope for you and an ex that you cannot seem to get out of your heart and mind!

Author: BreakUpSpells