Spell Gone Bag

A Warning To NOT Try Free Love Spells

– if you don’t know what you are doing!

I have just finished counseling a poor web visitor who cast a spell gone bad.

With her permission, this is her story.

On December 31, 2017 her fiancee dumped her by text. She was waiting for him to pick her up to go to her family’s house to celebrate New Years Eve!

She of course was devastated.

That same night, her sister showed her photos that he (her ex) was celebrating the New Year, with her – wait for it… college roommate!

She became confused, then ANGRY!

What happened?

1 year before, she and her college roommate / best friend went on Youtube and found a love spell. He was the object of the spell.

So, without any experience (just watched tv shows and movies about witchcraft) – she and her “best friend” cast the spell on him.

It worked! Beginners’ luck or not, she and he started dating.

But around 6 months later, she found herself completely in love, and he started to “pull away”.

So, her roommate found another spell, a “love binding” spell and together they cast the spell on him “one more time”.

The spell seemed to work like a charm! He proposed to her in September 2018.

But… there was a MAJOR problem with the spell. The spell called for calling on the help of a Djinn.

For those who do not know, Djinns are like “evil genies” that grant wishes, but can also turn things upside down in your life!

Some fool on Youtube gave the name of this Djinn and said to invoke it to bring love, riches, health – you name it (the YT video has been since taken down).

They did not know this person, but just followed “blindly” the “recipe” and cast the spell from this person BOTH TIMES.

Well, now the person who told me this story is suicidal. I have convinced her to seek psychiatric help and she promised me she will today and call me afterwards.

The roommate “THINKS” she won him over – but this “Djinn” is a mean mother-F! And she will get hers SOON enough.

WARNING!!!! Please do not be casting spells found on the INTERNET without knowing “who you are calling on”.

It may help you – for awhile and then F-ck you ups – royally!

You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!