Spell Results in 3 Days Challenge

See Your Spell Results in 3 Days!

Someone wrote to us and “challenged” us that if Jesus Christ rose again in 3 days – why can’t we cast a spell that actually shows the desired results in 3 days?

Challenge Accepted! – See Your Spell Results in 3 Days – When You Cast Your Spell This Week!

Do you want a break up spell, love spell, divorce spell, make your ex return, stop your lover from cheating, cause someone to “bend over” and do YOUR will?

Cast a spell with Rose personally (master spell caster, founder of “Break Up Spells” site) during the 3 Day Challenge — and see results in only 3 Days!

How To Request Your Spell:

  1. You must be 21 years old or older and tell the truth (no exceptions or the spell won’t work).
  2. You must provide full names, photos if possible to save time (remember the spell is cast within 24 hours and you have to see results in 3 days max!
  3. You understand that filling out the form below is NO GUARANTEE ROSE WILL ACCEPT AND CAST YOUR SPELL!  (Important: the consultation via the form is FREE – but the spell is not – there will be a fee to cast the spell, and only if Rose accepts your case).

Take Part In The “3 Day Results Spell Challenge” by filling out the form below:

Select the type of spell you are seeking to cast (required)
Breakup Spell ONLYLove Spell ONLYBoth Breakup and Love SpellRevenge SpellOther

Important: by submitting this form you give Rose permission to contact you within 24 hours and let you know (a) "if" she will accept your case - or not. (b) Provide you with a fee quote to cast your spell. (c) If you decide to pay the fee, your spell will be cast within 24 hours and you are guaranteed to see results within 3 days - or full refund.