The Truth About Free Love Spells

I’m really surprised by the number of “free love spells” and “free break up spells” requests we get DAILY.

Let’s be realistic OK?

  1. Do I know you? Are you my friend? Are you family? No. Why would I destroy someone’s happiness – for FREE, “just cause” you want it?

This is the most selfish thing I cannot handle. You desire X, and X is dating or married to Y.

You contact me and ask me to help you separate them so you and X can live “happily ever after”.

BUT… you don’t even want to pay $1!

Ok. I tell you what, I am going to do the break up spell for you for FREE – if you sign an agreement that “should” “Y” (the person in the way between you and  your beloved’s happiness) – finds US on the web (just like you did) – and hires me to cast a break up spell on YOU! (It has happened more than once – trust and believe!!!!!!!!!!!).

I want you to sign an agreement that you give me permission to DESTROY YOUR RELATIONSHIP – for “free”.

See how ridiculous that sounds???

2. If you do not pay “now” – you will pay in the “after-life”.

Here is the TRUTH about witchcraft and going around begging for “free spells”.

In the spirit realm (witchcraft), you have to pay the deity, spirit, ancestor, elements, etc… for their WORKING FOR YOU (or on behalf of a client).

Everybody thinks we psychics and witches are asking money so we can go to Saks Fifth Avenue and buy clothes on your dime. NOT SO!

I often don’t see my family because I’m “tied” to my computer reading emails, answering clients and going to sleep at 5 AM because I had to go to a cemetery to cast a DEATH SPELL (and almost get arrested for trespassing!!!!) – for a client.

My last anniversary, my husband and I got food poisoning and the NEXT DAY I had to answer emails, while I had a bucket next to the bed to throw up in.

There is SACRIFICE to get anything worthwhile in our lives! Why do “you” get it for free??????????????

Listen, in witchcraft, if you do not pay the spirits now, and they “agree” to help you – they expect you to PAY (with your soul) in the afterlife!!!

This is very serious. You think a free spell to break up, no – to DESTROY someone’s happiness doesn’t come with a price?

What drugs are you on?

Would you like someone to sh*t on your relationship – for free, and your enemy be happy with YOUR lover – and it didn’t cost them a dime?

OMG! Stop thinking the world revolves around you!!!!!

You have to “sacrifice” something either small money now – or your F’ing soul later! (Hell, pitchforks, things going in and out of your ARSE!!!! Bad news I’m telling you!!!!).

3. Disrespecting witches, psychics and spell casters.

I get tons of emails telling me how “I’ve spent $3,000 on psychics and now I don’t believe in it, but I want you Break Up Spells to cast the spell for me for free.”

What the F*ck???

So, I gotta get results and your not giving me $1, but the other so called folks got paid???

Are you crazy? I’m not the one that asked for $3,000, so why are you punishing me?

Along the lines of this, a woman recently asked me to “kill her lover’s wife through a spell” – and do it for “$20”.

I tell you, so many unstable folks in the world… I don’t even have words.

So, here is what advice I want ALL of you reading this to understand:

#1: If you don’t have money, ASK for a payment plan (if you truly desire the psychic to work FOR you.) – Slavery is over people. No one does anything “for free” (especially if they do not know who the hell YOU are!).

#2: If you really don’t have a dime (no job, on benefits, whatever) – please do not ask for spells for love or to break anyone up. For Christs sake, ask for MONEY SPELLS!!!!!! (and I do cast those for free sometimes when I know the person is in trouble).

#3: Don’t think all psychics are bull sh*t, but then spell beg or get an “attitude” when you tell us you spend “thousands on the others, but don’t want to spend X on us”. Really?

#4: DO NOT piss off a psychic or spell caster. Do you realize you have given us your name, your information and the name of the other parties?

Do you know that recently I saw an article where a woman pissed off a psychic and the psychic turned around and CALLED the clients enemy and ratted her out?

Dear God, that is a breach of client-psychic confidentiality and I would NEVER do that to anyone, but some of you piss me off so much I would light a black candle on your asses so you get “itchy genitals” laughing out loud! (I’d never do that, but trust me, it amuses me because of the level of stupidity I and my staff deal with on a daily basis).

Listen up, we psychics are people. We are not GODS. Only Gods’ can guarantee things. If we get it wrong, we are the first ones that will try to do right by you.

So get off your high horse and realize you are asking us to do some “dirty work” for you – at the very least, be respectful!

Founder and Owner
Break Up Spells

P.S. If you have read this far, understand this: love spells work, break up spells work – but this ain’t tv folks that only have 60 minutes to end the story. This is real life and people have “free wills” – and spells are a “battle of the wills” (your will against the person you are casting on) – so be patient, and you will SEE results desired!


Author: BreakUpSpells