What to do if you are cursed

Has someone cursed you? Have you found evidence (odd liquids, coconut shells or other things by your door) indicating someone is working magic against you?

Think about it. How easy is it to find someone online to cast spells for you or learn how to do so yourself.

If you think your enemy or someone jealous of you may be working against you through spells, placing hexes or curses – in today’s society with ease of access to occult materials – I would not doubt your suspicions.

Here are some signs that you may be cursed or a victim of black magic:

  1. Frequent nightmares (most witches work at night when you are asleep!).
  2. Headaches that do not go away even if you take medications.
  3. Feeling of fright or being “ill-at-ease”.
  4. Sense that you are being watched.
  5. Strange items left near where you live (street corners), in front of your door, building house or car.
  6. A psychic confirmed you have negative energies or a “curse” in your life.

What can you do? First thing, you must find out “who” cast the spell on you.

If you have an open, “known” enemy – then ask through divination (you can do it yourself or get a professional psychic reading) to confirm if that person is the one doing black magic on you.

Then the easiest and “safest” thing to do is, cast a spell to cast:

  • Cleansing spell to “remove” the hex/curse on you.
  • Protection spell to “keep out” any further curses/black magic.
  • Optional: cast a “return to sender” spell to send back whatever ill-wishes they have done to you.

Why is the “return to sender” spell optional? Well, this is an “insurance policy” to make sure that you are not sending negative energies to someone who is innocent (in case your suspicions are wrong).

So, if the person you think has hexed you is innocent – then nothing “bad” will happen to them, and you still have cleansed, removed and protected yourself from the black magic.

However, if the person DID send you the curse – then it goes RIGHT BACK to them!

— Added bonus is that you took preventive measures and are now PROTECTED from any further assaults from that person.

I know many many people want to learn spell casting, and cast spells at home (from break up spells, love spells to curse spells) – but unless you know what you are doing, you are opening yourself up to someone finding out and “ZINGING” you back with a bad spell.

Let me give you a real life example.

When I started dating my husband 20 years ago, there was an ex-girlfriend who got jealous and started casting break up spells and black magic voodoo curses on me so he would leave me and go back to her.

Problem is, I’m a psychic and IMMEDIATELY knew what she was up to. David and I started arguing more frequently. He started to not return my calls (back then people actually spoke on the phone and not just posted on social media lol).

He was basically distancing himself from me – out of the blue!

Within 1 month of us dating, it felt like it was about to be “over”!

So, I confirmed my suspicions of some sort of black magic through divination (myself) and even went to another psychic to confirm that it was black magic and not just fate saying we were not right for each other and if it was his ex (who just happened to always show up at his place of business right when he was closing, hmmm!

I also wanted to be double-sure and not let my emotions get the best of me. Well, both my reading and the paid reading I had with a psychic confirmed it was her.

What did I do?

I “cleansed”. I took off the garbage she was laying on me.

I “removed” the black magic through a spell of my own.

I “protected” myself by casting a protection spell around me and David.

I “sent” the black magic right back to her with the condition that if she was “innocent” then nothing bad would happen to her.

The results?

  1. David and I got closer immediately. A year and a day later we got married and are still married to this day – 25 years later and still going strong!
  2. David IMMEDIATELY began telling me all the bad stuff about his ex-girlfriend (she was possessive, obsessed with him and bossy) and the reasons he left her. The more he talked about it, the more angry and less “nice” he was towards her.

    One night I came to his business before he closed and when we walked out, guess who just “happened” to be there to say “hi” – the ex! David was very cross with her and told her POINT BLANK to get gone. Humiliating her in front of me! He never spoke to her again (and to this day she is still SINGLE – karma is a bitch!).
  3. She recently made a post about me! Yes, on her Facebook page this dizzy so-and-so actually said I stole her soulmate. Dumb, dumb. I did not cast a love spell on David. I cast a cleansing/protection/return to sender spell.

So you see, if you are feeling that your love life is being negatively impacted by black magic, or other areas of your life are suffering including health – get a tarot reading to confirm it right away – and get to cleansing, removing, protection and “returning the spell” right back to its owner!

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Author: BreakUpSpells