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Cast a spell to separate a couple, cause a divorce, get rid of the competition – or end your OWN relationship today.

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If you need to separate a couple, end your own relationship, cause someone to divorce – for whatever reasons (including revenge), can help!

We specialize in:

  1. Divorce Spells – spells to cause a couple to separate and file for divorce and never get back together.
  2. Separating Couples – making anyone break up and stay apart (whether just friends, dating or living together).
  3. Getting Rid of Rivals – if the person you want is with someone else, or – someone is trying to steal your spouse/lover; our spell will get rid of that person instead!
  4. Ending Your Own Relationship – a lot of people don’t realize or recognize the signs when something is “over” – now, you can quickly and peacefully END your own relationship so you can move-on with your life!

How To Cast A Break Up Spell

You have two options: either cast it yourself, or hire someone to do it for you.

Option A: Cast The Spell Yourself

The benefits of casting the spell yourself are obviously: – saving money and learning how to do things for yourself (self-reliance).

The downside however is the learning curve, not being sure if the spell will work or “when” it will work, and how to “fix” things if something goes wrong, or if the spell is not yielding quick enough results.

Also, a lot of people might lack “privacy” to do the spell. Spells require concentration.

There is no “easy bake oven” where you put all the ingredients and “poof” – your breakup, separation spell comes out “complete”.

It requires knowledge, patience and a force/power that makes it work.

This is NOT wishful thinking or meditation. For a spell to work you gotta know what you are doing and exactly what the goal of the spell is.

This may sound simple, but in reality – many people don’t understand what a “goal” really means.

Say you are in love with someone who is dating someone else. The “goal” of the spell is really not the break up (that is just removing ONE of the obstacles in the way).

The true goal of the above is for the person you desire to be with you and love you instead of who they are currently with.

So yes, a break up spell is cast to remove the other person, but a LOVE SPELL has to be cast to draw the person to you and cause them to not just want you, but fall in love with you. THAT is the true goal of this spell.

Another example is a revenge spell. Many people are bitter/hurt that someone interfered in their past relationship – and are now “happily” with their former spouse/mate.

So they want to cast a revenge break up spell. We specialize in those too – however, we make sure that the client tells us what they REALLY want to happen – do they just want to PUNISH the couple (or the thief) – or do they want to “steal back” the person?

The end-results are determined by what you tell us. Same thing goes if you are casting the spell yourself.

To thy own self be true. Don’t lie to yourself. Think about what you really want in life – then go for that.

Don’t settle for anything less. We do not judge you, we do not make you feel shame or guilt. What we want is to guarantee success for you – but for that to happen, you have to be honest with us.

Free Hoodoo Separation Spell Tutorial

Here is a video (not ours, found on Youtube – (c)opyright owner) that is an old hoodoo spell (Southern folk magic) showing you how to separate a couple using only a lemon and some household ingredients.

The spell above is an old spell, its’ still around because it works. However, make sure to follow ALL the instructions as shown or the spell might not produce the desired results.

What should happen after you cast this spell?

You should see results! In the above spell, since it is to separation spell, (or divorce spell) – the couple should begin fighting and obviously break up.

***Unless you want them to fight alot and bicker alot before a they go their separate ways.

If the above spell didn’t work for you (or if other spells have also failed) – its’ time to call “the professionals”!

Option B: Have Us Cast The Spell For You

We have close to 3 decades of experience casting breakup spells for even the toughest cases (that have failed before).

Our motto is simple: cast it until it WORKS! All spells are 100% guaranteed to work – all we require is that you tell us the truth.

✔ If you want to break up someone to cause that person to fall in love, there is no use in lying – tell us. We have seen and heard it all.

✔ If you wish to control your partner (stopping them from cheating, making them do what you want) – tell us.

✔ If you wish to seek revenge and do not want to be with anyone in the couple you are separating – tell us.

✔ If you want to get back together with an ex who is now with someone else – tell us.

The clearer you are with what you REALLY want the break up spell to do – the better it will be for you.

How To Request/Discuss Your Break Up Spell Needs With Us

We work with mature adults (21 years of age and older), who are seeking real and permanent solutions to their relationship needs.

If this sounds like you – be advised, we do not cast free spells. We have provided you with a sample of an actual spell that you can try yourself.

Spells require us to do treatise with the spiritual forces that will empower your spell – and that include food, oils, candles and other ritual items we have to purchase for your spell. We cannot and do not cast free spells.

To discuss privately (and confidentially) what you really need/desire, fill out the form below.

Note: We do not spam nor send news announcements. You can just come to this site to read articles and find out the latest news etc. We will only contact you regarding your spell request.

Break Up Spell Request Form:

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