Break Up Spells Karma

Break up spells & karma

– the truth of casting breakup spells.

If you cast a spell to break up a couple, will there be bad karma?

I often am asked if break up spells are wrong. What are the karmic consequences of separating a couple? Will harm come to you, or them?

Here is my opinion based on successfully separating thousands of couples and understanding of karmic law:

It is all based on INTENTION.

What are your true intentions? Are you simply pissed off and want to punish someone? Are you in love with someone in that couple and want another chance at happiness with them?

Did someone STEAL your lover from you and now you want them back?

Do you love one of the parties in the couple and KNOW for sure in your heart that their pairing is a HUGE mistake – and want to “save” one of them from further damage?

What are your intentions for real?

Here are some examples of reasons people have asked me to cast a break up spell:

→ A mother who wants to help her daughter end an abusive relationship.

→ A married woman trying to save her marriage from a cheating husband.

→ A sister who feels helpless and wants to help her brother escape the clutches of a manipulative woman only using her brother for his money.

→ A lonely man who has tried everything to win back his true love, but the person is stubborn and has left him for another.

→ Someone who simply wants a second chance with their first love, but unfortunately that person has moved on and is with someone else.

→ A man who is involved with a married woman, who for some reason is afraid of leaving her husband.

→ A heartbroken person who cannot get over the one they love.

→ Someone who is bitter and angry that someone has interfered with their relationship – and wants to punish the interfering party and reunite with their former love.

Each of the above are true cases, that I helped by casting a break up spell. In every case, (except the one that wanted the 3rd-party who interfered punished), no harm came to ANYONE. And the person that was “punished” only suffered humiliation and the same pain she caused my client.

Yes, there is the law of “cause and effect” in life, but karma is not what most people think, and spells are not inherently evil.

It all depends on what your true “intent” is for the spell!

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