Do Break Up Spells Expire

Do Break Up Spells Have “Expiration Dates“?

So you cast a spell to break up a relationship (yours or someone one else’s).

You cast the spell with hopes that by “X” date/time, that couple will have broken up.

You wait, and wait, and the calendar is showing that the date you anticipated that they would surely have separated is getting closer.

But what happens if the time has passed and the couple remains together?

Did the break up spell fail? Do breakup spells expire?

The short answer is “no”.

This is my observation regarding spells to break up couples based on the decades of experience I have:

Observation #1: Some people are stubborn. They will “hold on” to a bad relationship for fear of being alone, of failure or just because they are obsessed with the person.

Observation #2: If there are little kids involved (example a couple has babies), they might try extra-hard to stay together for the children’s’ sake.

Observation #3: Money. If one party refuses to let go of the other person in a relationship, money might be a factor. Its’ tough to let go of a good source of income – even when its’ a person you can’t stand!

Observation #4: To spite someone. If a couple (one or both parties) believes that everyone is counting on them “breaking up” sometimes the couple holds on to a bad relationship just to spite or “prove them wrong” about the relationship.

Observation #5: The couple ALWAYS fights. They are “used to” fighting. So the constant bickering and foul feelings a break up spell makes them feel – is nothing to them because they always feel that way – but then make up.

Observation #6: Try again. Sometimes the spell just doesn’t “take” and you must do a tarot reading and try to cast a DIFFERENT spell from a different approach.

When I cast a break up spell, I ALWAYS do a tarot reading to see what is the best way to separate a couple. I give my clients an approximate time frame, and ask for them to keep me updated so that if things seem to be moving slowly, I can make “adjustments” to the spell to attempt to speed things up.

However, this is a big point I need to make here – spells do not expire! Their “influence” continues even beyond the time frame I’ve given you.

This is why my spells work and the couple STAYS APART! They don’t just break up and make up again in a few moments. The results of the ritual is to cause a PERMANENT separation.

So, while the observations above may give clues to why there seems to be a delay in the break up spell, it doesn’t mean the spell failed. It means its’ just a bit “slower” than originally anticipated!

So, the long answer is to the question if spells have an expiration date – my answer, based on my 3 decades of experience is NO, the spell may be slower than anticipated, but it doesn’t “expire” unless you ADD an expiration date (which by the way sometimes spell casters do for certain purposes. Example: “if so-and-so do not break up by X date, I will release this spell unto the universe and allow the Goddess/God make the best decision on my behalf for the greater good”).

That is an example of a spell with a “due-date”.

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