Love Spell Victim Help

I just had a delightful conversation with someone who feels they are the victim of a love spell and are seeking my help.

Common Symptoms of Love Spells:

  • You are obsessing over someone, you are not even attracted to.
  • You have sexual dreams about that person.
  • You “cyber stalk” the person through all of their social media.
  • You are depressed that you are not with that person.
  • Basically, you cannot eat, sleep or “be” without having that person by your side.

If you believe you are a victim of a love spell (or any other type of spell) that has been cast on you and are seeking help, please fill out the form below to contact me privately to discuss “IF” the spell can be removed.

Black Magic Love Spells

Black Magic:
Love Spells & Break Up Spells

Black Magic

What are black magic spells?

Black magic refers to casting spells that will violate the persons’ free will.

Meaning, it may for the person to:

  • break up with someone, divorce them and leave them forever.
  • Force them to be with you, love you, be faithful to you, etc.
  • Make do something they would other wise not do – if it were not for the spell.

Black magic spells are also a category of spells that are the opposite of “white magic”, where you can use it to harm someone.

Harming someone with black magic using very turbulent forces to do your will has to be done carefully.

You must know exactly how to control these forces otherwise the spell may backfire and harm you or the spell caster.

Are you seeking a love spell or break up spell or revenge spells using black magic? Click here.

Black magic is not the same as “voodoo”. Many people confuse the two.

Voodoo (actually spelled Vodou) is a religion brought by the African’s to Haiti during the slave-trade era. It is a fusion of various religious beliefs from the different African tribes.

Black magic is a practice of witchcraft. It is a magical principle practiced EVERYWHERE and does not belong to any specific race, culture or religion.

White people, Asians, in-fact every race on the earth has people who practice “black magic” – and this does NOT refer to people of Africa or of African descent.

Remember, the main characteristics between those who practice black magic as opposed to white magic is the intention of the spell (to do the spell caster’s will – regardless whether it benefits the “victim” of the spell).

Can you learn to cast spells considered black magick?

Yes. There is no reason why you cannot learn. However, make sure your teacher is an expert in casting these spells because if not, you could end up harming others (by mistake) AND “yourself”.

How long does it take to learn the fundamentals of magic and dark arts spells?

It really depends, but I belief it would take you a minimum of 1 year and a day to truly learn how to cast spells properly to see the fastest results.

People think it is as easy as learning a few spells (like a cookbook) and “poof” you are now a black magician.

Thank Goddess it is NOT that easy. And most people give up because either they did not spend enough time training to see the results of the spells – or worse, they got hurt themselves!!!

Are love spells and break up spells “black magic” because you are forcing someone to break up, be with you etc.?

It depends on the methods used, the intention of the spell and what was said/if calling upon a spirit or deity – what that energy is like, etc.

It also depends who you ask. For example: to Christians ALL MAGIC is evil and considered black magic.

A Wiccan might consider a break up spell “harmful” – and SOME love spells “OK”.

Again, it is very subjective to some folks.

I consider anything that forces someone to do what you want “grey” magic, because ALL magic is basically trying to get YOUR will to be done.

Don’t get hung up on the term “black”. Most of the time it is meant as a pejorative / derogatory – something “bad”. (Probably begun by people who felt “superior” to others).

Always ask yourself – what is your INTENTION with the spell and are you calling on or using “neutral” energies in the spell, or specifically malevolent ones?

In my estimation – this is what truly determines what is or isn’t “black magic”.