Black Magic

Black Magick Spells

  • Break Up Spells = To separate a couple quickly and permanently.
  • Revenge Spells = To “pay back” someone who has harmed you or loved ones.
  • Curse Spells = To “punish” someone’s wrong doing.

We offer black magic spells to break up a couple, exact revenge and curse anyone. WE DO NOT JUDGE!

What IS black magic?

Black magic is about creating change in the real world using forces that make the changes happen according to the spell caster’s “will” (and not that of destiny, karma or even another persons’ free will).

For example, white magic spells are about “the will of the God(s) be done”; black magic spells are about “my will be done!”.

Black magic is not only about casting curses – it can be used for love as well as destruction.

Here’s an example of what black magic can do: it can break up your ex-lover and force them to come back to you (whether they want to or not!).

That is the power of black magic.

Do YOU Want A Break Up Spell Cast For You?

  1. Are you 21 years old or older?
  2. Are you serious about getting results?
  3. Do you wish to separate your own relationship – or someone else’s?

If you answered “yes” to all of the questions above, then you are a candidate for our special black magic break up spell, revenge and/or curse casting!

100% Results Guarantee!

We are 98.5% sure that you will LOVE the results of our spell casting – or 100% of your money is refunded – no questions asked!

Rose Bellerose, owner of (See About page) has been casting spells since 1972. She knows “what works” and “what doesn’t” and this is how she can guarantee results, or your full money back!

To cast a spell:

(a) tell us the full names of the couple to separate, we can work with “one” name and a photo.

(b) Tell us exactly what you desire the spell to do – example: “break them up, punish the enemy and bring your lover back to you”.

(c) We require a psychic reading before any spell is cast. Normally it costs $29, but for a very limited time – its’ $15.

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