Break Up Spell Cast On YOU – What To Do

Victim of a Break Up Spell?

There IS help!

What would you do if you suspected someone cast a break up spell on you?

It amazes me how many people search for love spells and break up spells (both online and offline). There are literally thousands of love spells on the web, and I suspect if they want YOUR man or woman, then they may also be looking for “break up spells”!

What if – YOU were the victim of a break up spell – how would you know?

Signs a break up spell was cast on your relationship:

  1. You fight over little things – constantly.
  2. You and your significant other can’t seem to want to be in the same room for long.
  3. There is tension and unease in the household when either they walk in – or you do.
  4. You have trouble sleeping, or your lover does.
  5. You feel “at-ease” when NOT around the one you love.
  6. Even pets seem to act strangely when the two of you are together.
  7. Your friends keep telling you that your lover is NO GOOD.
  8. Your family can sense the tension around the two of you.
  9. People keep asking you if everything is “all right”.
  10. You have a nagging feeling your lover wants to leave you.
  11. You suspect your spouse/lover is cheating on you.
  12. You feel a “black cloud” hanging around either you your lover or relationship.
  13. You know the relationship is over – or about to be.
  14. You act as if your lover is your enemy.
  15. Your lover acts as if YOU are the enemy.
  16. You’ve found “strange” or “curious” things at your front door, near your car or in the street corners (example: strange smells, liquids, coconuts, candle wax, “powders”, etc.)
  17. Someone has told you you’ve been cursed, hexed or witchcraft has  been done on you!

What do you do??? How do you save your relationship or PROTECT it from witches like ME!!! (Who cast powerful witchcraft spells!)

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