Breakup Spells

Breakup Spells

Permanently Break Them Up – FAST Spell Casting!

Fast Break Up Spells Cast For You

Update: January 22, 2018

Cast a spell to break up a couple really fast, make them go ahead and finalize the divorce, separate immediately (and come to you if that is what you want!).

Fill out the form below and tell me (1) who you wish to separate (2) why you want them to break up (example: revenge, to protect one of them or because you desire to be with one of them!)

All I ask is that you are 100% honest with me – and be 21 years old or older (I do not cast spells for or on “minors” – sorry! If you are not 21, check out the FREE break up spell video below that you can try yourself).

*** Important: I do not cast free spells. (See video below). The form is to discuss a spell with me, and I will email you back to let you know what can be done and pricing.

Why do you want to separate this couple? (required
I want one of them.They dont belong together.Revenge.Other reason not listed here.

FREE Break Up Spells

Want to learn how to cast a break up spell yourself for F-R-E-E? Check out this video its’ 15 minutes long but chuck full of secret witch secrets!

Tip: watch all the way to the end so you know the exact secret for this break up spell working fast!:

Immediate Break Up Spells – Starts Working The MOMENT It Is Cast!


We specialize in ending relationships fast and permanently – they will NEVER get back together again.

They way we work is by doing specific relationship-ending rituals that will:

  • End any friendship or “bond” the couple may have quickly.
  • Cause BOTH of them to feel they are with the wrong person.
  • Make them end it quickly and PERMANENTLY.

Some witches have a “gift” for gambling spells where their clients win money, or for real estate spells where their clients can buy/sell a house quickly – but at, we specialize in BREAKING UP couples and PUTTING lovers TOGETHER AGAIN.

If you are only interested in breaking up a couple, please understand this is NOT a game. Ending the relationship of two people is something one should never do lightheartedly.

You must have a reason, and it should be a good one!

We are not your judge, we will not reject anyone desiring our help in casting a spell but to avoid immature, “childish” or “too young” people from seeking our real-life, real-results break up spells casting services we do have two rules:

*100% Success Guaranteed!

We stand by our 100% results guarantee promise. However, we are not “god/goddess” and must first discuss with you your particular situation to see if we can indeed help you – first.

We do this through a break up spell consultation. The consultation is the way we do a tarot reading to see if a spell will work for you, how long it will take to see results and that is how we can KNOW for sure if the spell will work and stand by our 100% results guarantee.

Do you want an in-depth tarot reading discussion via CHAT?

30 minute chat reading with Rose to discuss the possibility of your spell working, what to do etc… (if you decide to buy a spell through Break Up Spells, the chat fee will be discounted from your spell cost!) – for $35 (SAVE $30! Our normal 30 minute live chat fee costs $65!)

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