Developing Your Own Psychic Powers

If you are interested in learning how to develop your own psychic powers, here are some tips:

  1. Honor your ancestors. Those that passed on loved you and still love you. Place a clear goblet of water in their name on your altar.
  2. Invite your spirit guides. Ask your guides to communicate with you through dreams and other forms such as divination.
  3. Seek a spiritual counselor. A spiritual counselor (guru) will help you differentiate between your own mind, and that which is really coming from the spiritual world.

Honor Your Ancestors

Usually psychics had some ancestor who also was psychic. Perhaps you never knew them or about them.

A simple method to “connect” to them today is through a simple clear glass of water.

Water is a spiritual “doorway” that connects us to the spirit world – and vice versa.

On a clean area (preferably far from your bed or bedroom – let’s not attract the WRONG kinds of spirits) – place a goblet (can be a wine glass or a brandy glass) filled with clean, cold, tap water.

Say verbally it is in the name of the ancestor or ancestors who wish to guide you in this life and help you develop your psychic abilities.

Light a little white candle (please practice fire safety, never leave candles un-attended) once a week, or whenever you are so inclined to do so.

What is very important is – always keep the glass of water clean and filled, which means when it begins to look cloudy or evaporate – dump out that glass and put new water to the top again.

Muddy waters is bad. Your guides cannot communicate clearly through it!

Invite Your Spirit Guides To Communicate With You

If you think you are psychic, you probably are. Now you need to develop your psychic gifts, and the best way to do this is through your “spirit guide”.

A spirit guide can be:

  • A past life friend, lover or family member who has not been “re-incarnated” into this life.
  • A guide from a particular nation: (for example: an African guide, an Indian guide, a “gypsy”, a Native American, etc…) or even from the mystical world (fairies, elementals, etc…).

How do you invite them?

Simple, on your clean altar (don’t allow dust and bugs to accumulate – always keep clean), light a white candle (white is the universal “peace” color) – ask them to communicate with you through dreams, or if you know divination tools like the tarot, IChing, runes, etc… – through that tool.

But to start, ask them to talk to you through dreams. The dreamworld is so very interesting! Just make sure to keep a notepad and pen by your bed because when you awake, jot down everything you remember about the dream (was it in color or black and white, etc…).

Your spirit guide can and DOES speak to you through dreams!

Interpreting Dreams

There is a free handy dandy dream interpretation dictionary site (not owned by us) – which not only is a regular word dictionary, it offers a dream interpretation guide as well.

But use it as a “guide” only because depending on your cultural upbringing and life experiences what something means to you – my not be what means to someone else.

Remember word plays, too. And the way the brain (subconscious mind) works is in “pictures” – pay attention to the pictures/images/settings and any associated feelings.

You will soon be able to understand what your spiritual guide is trying to tell you – and he/she may ask you to do some divination with some other tools, or even become a member of a coven!

Find A Spiritual Counselor

A spiritual counselor is a living person that you feel connected to. Some might call themselves “guru” in the Indian tradition, others may simply be your counselor.

They are “flesh and blood” human beings living presently (to avoid confusion with spirit guides who are disembodied – not in the flesh at present).

They eat, sleep, watch Youtube, etc! 🙂

They are your mentors, helping you to develop and expand your spiritual gifts. There is no set way to go about this, as each person is so unique, the spiritual counselor will custom tailor it to each student.

Where to find your own spiritual counselor?

Check to see if you have a local occult shop. Perhaps there is a mystical fair, or workshop that can help you and introduce you to their philosophy.

If there is none close to you (or, if you are afraid or shy) – try searching online.

Start with researching psychics, ask them if they help develop spiritual gifts and psychic abilities.

Take an online workshop.

We at Break Up Spells will be offering online workshops and seminars soon on how you can develop your own spiritual paths.

Check our Workshops page for more information.