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Healing Spell To Mend A Broken Heart

Relationships are tough, but breakups are “toughest”.

Here is a free healing spell to help mend your broken heart.

You will need:

  • A knife, spoon and plate.
  • A clean small rose quartz crystal that is heart-shaped (and washed and cleansed thoroughly.
  • Rose or red wine and glass (if you cannot drink alcohol, use “lemon balm tea” and tea cup instead).
  • Jar of honey with the honeycomb inside (check your local supermarket/grocers for this).
  • Your name written down in full on a unlined, small piece of paper (like printer paper is fine).
  • A wine decanter (or other jar with neck large enough for the rose quartz to fit in). Can be Tupperware with a lid is fine).
  • A pink or white candle. (Any size is fine but remember to NEVER leave a lit candle unattended. Snuff out if you have to go to work, etc…).

Timing: Perform this spell during the night of a Full Moon. (Google full moon calendar in your area to find out when, do the spell near midnight. You will need a window that gets moon light for the spell to work.)


Thoroughly cleanse the rose quartz, dry with a clean towel, and place it in the jar or wine decanter where you will add the wine (or lemon balm tea if you cannot drink alcohol).

Add the wine or tea (not both), enough to fill a glass to drink later. Cover.

Place the jar of honey on a large plate or other area as it will get messy when you take out the honey comb.

Take out the honey comb and using the knife, make a “slit” down the middle (be careful not to cut all the way through. You are trying to make a “pocket” to stuff the paper with your name on it inside).

Take the piece of paper that you’ve pre-written your full name and stuff it inside the honeycomb.

Now, put the honey comb “back” inside the jar with honey.

This will be messy but save some of the honey that spilled over the plate when you were transferring the honey comb. With the spoon, “scoop up” some of that honey and put inside the jar/tupperware with either the wine or tea. Stir with the spoon.

Cover up the liquid with the decanter cover or lid (where the wine/tea is).

Go to a window facing the moon (or that receives moonlight). If you do not have direct access to the moon, at least open the window to the night sky and say:

“Oh Lady of The Moon, I beseech you to help heal my broken heart.
I ask that as…

[insert which you used either lemon balm or wine, so for example say: “as lemon balm is soothing, so by drinking this tea, my mind, soul, heart, emotions also be soothed each day and my heart will mend”.

If instead you are using wine, say “as wine is merry to the heart, so by drinking it my broken heart will turn to a merry one, seeing the possibilities of life grow day by day”]

Briefly uncover the decanter/tupperware so that some of the moonlight and/or night sky air hits the wine/tea and close it up again.

Then say…

As honey is sweet to the tongue, so my life be from this day forward – as I have willed it, so shall it be!”

Leave the decanter of wine or tea by the window, no go back to your altar space and light the candle in front of the honey jar (or on top of it if you are using a tea light with metal on top of a metal lid only).

Go meditate in front of the candle. If you have to cry, let it out!

Then, take the wine glass (or tea cup if you are drinking tea) and fill with the contents of the decanter.

Thank the Goddess as you drink it and the spell is done!
Additional Notes;

You only have to do it ONCE. The spell will work, day by day and soon you won’t feel the sharp pain in your emotions again.

Keep the jar of honey. Do not open it nor use it. Store in your cupboards for as long as you like. When done (or “emotionally stronger”) Take and carefully place in a recycle can.

Keep that rose quartz heart and place in your jewelry box. It is a “healing” charm for you to protect you from that day forward!

Blessings to you!
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