How to break up a couple secretly

If you are casting a spell yourself to separate a couple, and don’t want to get caught – here is a simple “cheat sheet” on how to break up a couple secretly:

1. Sneaky Tricks = use the “water” of the spell (i.e. what you had in a spell bottle strained so if you used herbs, roots etc… it will not show) and dump in the persons cross path (where they literally have to walk) as “foot magic”.

2. Easy Secret Spell = use their photos in your home and “hide” so no one will see it.

3. Ovbious Way = tell NO ONE! Seriously, announcing it online, or asking in forums may leave clues that the person(s) may find some day.

4. Advanced Method = cast your spell in the dark with only the light of a candle and nothing “reflective” that shows your face. That way, “if” the person you are doing the spell on ever goes to a good psychic (like us) – they won’t be able to identify it was you!

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Author: BreakUpSpells