Live Spell Casting

Let Us Cast Your Spell!

Break Up Spells Exclusive: we will live stream your love spell, break up spell revenge spell – or come to your house and do it for you “live”!

Watch us cast your spells LIVE (in person or live streaming!)

See your spell cast for you in real life – either in the privacy of your home, or through video!

We are now offering an exclusive service to our clients: let us cast your spell for you LIVE and see it happen, interact with our witches and psychics!

You have two options:

Option #1: Let us visit you in your home!

If you live in any State within the United States of America, we will visit you in person and cast your spell for you – right in front of you!

Your cost = round trip transportation to your home + 1 meal + 1 overnight hotel stay (if required) + cost of the spell.


Option #2: Live Streaming of your Spell Casting from our altars to your home!

If you do not want the extra expense of us coming out to do the spell at your location (and having to pay for transportation, lodging meal) – then we can do it on our altar, and stream it LIVE to you (and you can watch from anywhere).

Your cost = just the spell casting (discussed via email prior to the casting).

Want us to cast your love spells, break up spells, revenge spells, money spells, etc with either option?

If you are 21 years old or older, fill out the form below and provide your details. We will contact you within 24 to 48 hours with price quote for your spell and arrangements.

Break Up Spell, Love Spell, Other Spell Casting “Live” Form Request

Choose which way you desire us to cast your custom spell (required)
Come to my house.Live stream video it.

Important: All live streamed/video of your spell casting is done by us and is PRIVATELY shared with you through a special url within our website.

Remember, if you want us to come to your home and do the spell in-person, you must provide us with your address above to get an accurate price cost.