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Everyone wants “love” in their lives and love spells is one of many ways to obtain it!

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Free Love Spells

If you are seeking a free love spell, watch the following video (Note: we did not create this spell, we found it on Youtube and therefore it is (c)opyright the owner. However, it is based on genuine spell casting principles.)

Our Powerful Love Spells That Work – Guaranteed

Don’t want to cast the love spell yourself? If you saw the video above and prefer to have a professional love spell cast for you then read on:

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Get a spell reading. It shows whether or not the spell may work for you and any hidden issues you might not know of that is impeding your success.
  2. Be honest. This is so important. How can you have a spell that is based on misinformation work? It can’t. No one will judge you – just tell the truth of what you want and what is the reason you think you haven’t gotten results yet. (Example: you desire someone who is married – therefore, the marriage is the BLOCKAGE!).
  3. At the very least “try” the spell. Love spells do work, but this is real life and not a “tv show or movie”. It won’t happen instantly or in an hour.

Whenever dealing with human emotions, people are very variable. Many many factors come into play when you are working with love spells.

Let me give you some examples:

Example #1: You want someone who HATES YOUR GUTS!

I know this sounds extreme, but perhaps you are in love with an ex- who has declared you “unfit” for them.

Or, maybe you desire someone who you simply are not their type and they get “offended” that you even like them! (Has this ever happened to you?)

I had a client who described herself as obese, and the guy she was in love with was a health fitness guy. According to my client, whenever she attempted to flirt with him – she said he would make a face of DISGUST! (After my spell, he started pursing her – and she did eventually lose weight, then she DUMPED HIM – but that is a long and different story for a later time… hint, hint, he was an ass!).

In this example, a “regular” love spell will not work!

Example #2: The person you want, is in love with someone else!

This one is very tough – I’ll admit. You want them to (a) stop loving someone else and (b) fall in love with you – now.

These are TWO spells in one, really and this too will take time.

Example #3: The person you love, is unfaithful – and you want them all to yourself!

Here is a very very important lesson to learn right now: “you CANNOT change someone’s personality – for long”.

What I mean is that you can TEMPORARILY modify someone’s behaviors, but you will have to continue to cast spells for a “permanent” change.

Someone who cheats will cheat on you, on their next lover, until they die. Why? Because it is a sign of utter selfishness. They care more about their own desires – than yours. So every chance they get – they will continue to cheat.

Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Don’t care? You love that person and want them all to yourself (and make them faithful anyway)? No problem. Just understand that a “one-time” love spell WILL NOT make them forever faithful.

In hoodoo love magic, there is a thing where you “feed” a love spell (i.e. strengthen it) over time so that it keeps on working. If you stop feeding the love spell, it will weaken and stop working.

If you want a permanent love spell to cause someone to love you and not cheat on you – this is a very different type of love spell than just lighting a candle on top of their photo (or casting the above video love spell)!

So, these examples illustrate why you would want someone to professionally cast the spell for you and do a psychic reading to see what “obstacles” you have now and may face in the future so the love spell can work as you desire it to!

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