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Money Rituals

Low on cash? Need a job? Want to increase your business? If you are in need of increasing  your money – a money spell is the answer!

A money spell “draws” opportunities and “good luck” to you in competitive situations as well as the opportunity to increase the amount of money you are working towards.

The reason why money spells aren’t “good” as gambling spells is there is a difference between “winning” money and keeping it.

Unfortunately, most gamblers keep gambling/risking the money won – so while the spell works, they lose it quickly.

A money spell will help you attract money – but it is up to you to use it wisely afterwards.

This type of spell is great if you are:

  • owed money (child support, lawsuit, back-pay, etc.);
  • you desire a pay raise and want to beat out the competition;
  • … and other situations.

How It Works:

  1. You must be 21 years old or older, no exceptions.
  2. Fill out the form below and tell us exactly what you desire to happen and what the situation is. Remember, this is not a “gambling spell” – this is a custom money spell ritual cast for you.
  3. There is no cost to fill out the form to discuss your spell. However, a money spell casting ritual does have a fee (depends on the complexity of your request). – Please do not “beg” for a spell. There will be a fee if you wish to proceed.

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