Real Spells

It seems that people searching for “real spells” – really don’t understand magic.

You might be searching for that “one most powerful spell” that will make all of your wishes come true!

I’ve got news for you, there IS such a thing, but its’ not just “one casting and you’ll live happily ever after”.

Let me explain.

A spell is an action taken on a spiritual/occult/metaphysical level to make a change in our physical 3d world.

A real spell for prosperity would then mean that once you get the opportunity to prosper – you have the skill, ability and knowledge to keep the prosperity growing.

If you however, mismanage the money – you will soon find yourself starting from $0 all over again.

A spell to cause someone to love you or come back to you will only give you a chance at that relationship – however, if you like to nag, fight, and make the other person miserable – there is NOTHING holding them to you.

Like everything in life, you need to “nurture” the relationship so it grows and becomes stable.

Having a cheating spouse or lover? Want to cast a spell on them to make them faithful? Such spells exist!

But careful how you cast it, because if a woman she might become so turned of with sex that she won’t want to have it – even with you!

If a man, he may have problems with his erection.

Want to break up a couple so you can be with one of the or simply as “revenge”? If you don’t do it right – YOU might be the one on the outside while that couple is happily together.

Spells are simple. You can cast it using as little as your will power, a focused goal and a candle.

You can also seek the aid of nature (plants, minerals, flowers, etc… that correspond to the goal of your spell), help from gods/goddesses (again, you ask help from a god you never “demand”), from spiritual guides, ancestors – or as in hoodoo and other sympathetic magic – without asking anyone for help.

However, please understand that even if I give you a “real spell” (such as the famous Break Up Spells With Lemon video on Youtube) – you can do it WRONG and not get the results.

So, it isn’t always the fault of the spell itself, because a spell can be magically “sound” – but you f-uped when casting it.

My advice: either learn magic (not just spells, I’m talking the fundamentals of magic!), then try out spells (don’t do the spells before you learn the basics! That’s like a you operating on someone’s brain, without ever having become a doctor!!!!!)

Or, have a professional experienced spell caster do it for you. (We even offer money back guarantee!).

You have nothing to lose when hiring the right spell caster and EVERYTHING to gain!

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