Spells Cast Now What

Spells – What Happens After They Are Cast?

When will your spells manifest? What will happen after spells are cast?

Whether you cast it yourself or hired someone to cast it for you, the answer is “depends”.

It depends on YOUR particular situation. A spell should always take into consideration all the circumstances involved so it works.

Example #1: you desire someone who is legally married.

You cast both a love spell and a break up spell (divorce spell) on them.

The break up spell will work SEPARATE them, while the divorce is finalized.

Your lover can in the meanwhile still be with YOU (move in with you, etc.).

Why can’t they divorce immediately?

Unless the Country/State/area they live in offer quick annulments or divorce – a spell will break the relationship, but not the law!

Example #2: you desire someone who is just dating or living with another person.

In this situation, there is no need to wait for a legal proceeding such as a divorce to be free and be with the person you desire. The break up spell did its job!

The couple separates, you and the one you desire are united in love due to the love spell portion.

Example #3: you desire to reunite with an ex who HATES your guts.

Admit it, sometimes you may have burned a few bridges and the person you desire no longer even wants to be in the same room with you – let alone get back together again.

In this situation, a custom spell is more about re-opening the lines of communication and forgiveness so the rest of the spell can work properly.

How long will this spell take to manifest? Again, you need to consult prior to casting the spell to get a realistic idea.

Spells Consultations (or Tarot Readings) – Always Recommended

So how long will your spell take for results to be seen?

I always counsel them to get a spell reading as this is the only real way to be able to answer them specifically according to THEIR situation.

If you have not gotten a Love Spell or Break Up Spell or Black Magic Spell readingĀ  – get one today to get specific knowledge concerning your spell needs.

(If you need a combination of the spells, don’t worry – just click on any link, as the spells are always customized anyway)!